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Accept 400+ Cryptos
without risk or price fluctuations

Let your users pay in 400+ cryptocurrencies and get paid in any currency of your choice with Zero Fee Forever.

How does it work – Accept Payments in any Cryptocurrency

Ask for Payment
Provide your currency, wallet address and amount to be paid.
Wait for Payment
User can pay in 400+ currencies including your preferred coin.
Automatic Exchange
CoinSwitch converts user currency into merchants accepted currency at a fixed rate.
Get Paid
Payment is sent to the payout wallet address immediately.

Key Features & Benefits

Fixed Rate

User pays in any currency which get converted at a fixed rate and deposited to your address.

Easy Implementation

Works well with your choice of Payment Gateway or wallet.

Accept 400+ Currencies

User can pay in any crypto which get converted to the crypto of your choice at fixed rate without worrying about market fluctuations.


Cryptocurrencies by their nature offer privacy and security to both customer and merchant.

Advantage of accepting Cryptocurrency Payments

No Limit
You Pay
2.9% + 30¢
You Pay
2.9% + 30¢
You Pay